Bushiroad International Pte. Ltd. handles all customer support for Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars.

Attention :

In some cases, it may take time to investigate the contents of a bug or error in the game. If your email account requires specific settings for domains etc. in order to receive emails, please be sure to adjust your settings to receive emails from

Supported languages :

Customer support only handles inquiries in English, and no responses will be given to inquiries in languages other than English. If the contents of an inquiry are illegible because translation software has been used, customer support will not be able to issue a response.

Email replies :

Responses are sent to the email address that the inquiry originated from. Replies from customer support will not reach a customer if an inquiry has been sent from an invalid email address. There is also a chance that a customer will not receive a reply from customer support, depending on the customer's settings.

Terms of Use :

You must agree to the game's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before you submit an inquiry to customer support.

We will read all comments marked “Opinions/Requests” and use them for future reference for the game. We may not be able to respond to comments “Opinions/Requests” We appreciate your understanding.