Bringing you the latest news and updates from 11/29 (Mon.)!



■All Stars Main Story

Chapter 33 “Help Us! μ’s!Part 2” added!


Chapter 33 of the All Stars Main Story will be released on 11/29 (Mon.) 15:00 JST!


The School Idol Fan Site’s “Ask μ’s” project was a big hit, with requests piling up. As for the School Idol Exhibition PV, μ’s still can’t seem to decide. Which to choose when each song is so precious…?


Be sure to play through Chapter 33 “Help Us! μ’s! Part 2” ♪

Check here for the Chapter 33 preview video⇒URL


■New 3D Songs

“Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru” by μ’s, “Dream Land!Dream World!” by A・ZU・NA(Ayumu Uehara(CV.Aguri Onishi)、Shizuku Osaka(CV.Kaori Maeda)、Setsuna Yuki(CV. Tomori Kusunoki))will be added!



These songs will become playable after clearing the live shows in Chapter 33.


■New Bond Episodes Added!

The newest Aqours bond episodes will be added on 11/29 (Mon.) 15:00 JST!


These feature special individual episodes for each member, so be sure to raise their bond levels and check them out!



An All Stars Festival is also planned to be held!

Check the notice on 11/28 (Sun.) 15:00 JST for details on the featured school idols!


It seems like the featured UR school idols will be from Nijigasak!?



Please look forward to it💕



We hope you continue to enjoy “Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars”.