3rd Anniversary 2nd Years Only Audition Scouting



Available: Nov. 24, 2022 15:00 to Dec. 1, 2022 14:59 JST

This Scouting will only feature second-Year school idols.

Don’t miss this unique Scouting where the URs will exclusively feature the UR second-Year school idols below!

UR [Zzz… Zzz…]Honoka Kosaka
UR [Ehehe! Flexibility Is My Forte!]Kotori Minami
UR [Goodness, It’s Beautiful…]Umi Sonoda
UR [Lemme Aim for a Home Run!]Chika Takami
UR [Nu-Uh, Wait until It’s Finished]Riko Sakurauchi
UR [Aw, This Sucks!]You Watanabe
UR [Wait Up for Me!]Ayumu Uehara
UR [This Is a Piece of Cake!]Ai Miyashita
UR [Be Brutally Honest!]Setsuna Yuki
UR [The Ultimate Drink Is Complete!]Lanzhu Zhong

When you perform a Scout 10, you are guaranteed one SR or above school idol!

We hope you continue to enjoy Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars!

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