The 3rd Season is finally here!



An update concerning Chapter 32 of the main story!

■All Stars Main Story

Chapter 32, “Help Us, μ‘s! Part 1”added!


On 10/30 (Sat.) 15:00 JST, Chapter 32 of the All Stars Main Story will be added!

The Club members have grown closer to Lanzhu and Mia.

Their training has leveled up greatly for the new school idol PV, but the all-important PV idea still eludes them.

If they can’t reach a conclusion amongst themselves, perhaps it’s time to seekoutside help!?

Be sure to check out Chapter 32, “Help Us, μ’s! Part 1”♪

Check out the Chapter 32 teaser video here!⇒


■New 3D Songs

“Dancing stars on me!”from μ’s & “Humming Friend” from Aqours added!

“Dancing stars on me!” from μ’s & “Humming Friend” from Aqours will be added!

These songs can be played after clearing the live shows in Chapter 32 of the story.


■Bond Episodes Added!

The newest bond episodes for Nijigasaki High School Idol Club will also be added on 10:30 (Sat.) 15:00 JST!

Each bond episode has unique encounters with each member, so be sure to increase your members’ bond levels and check them out for yourself!

We hope you continue to enjoy “Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars”.