Happy Birthday, You!




Available: Apr. 17, 2023 JST

April 17th is You’s birthday! To celebrate we are giving everyone who logs in today the following items:

・You Memorial Piece x50
・You Watanabe Memento Piece x2
・Star Gem x50
Those who are registered to this member’s School Idol Channel will also receive You Memorial Piece x25!

Additionally, for today only, you can enjoy listening to special birthday-exclusive voiced messages that are only available on a member’s birthday. A message will play if you wait on the Home screen without interacting with anything.

And there’s more!

You Watanabe Birthday Scouting

We are pleased to announce the You Watanabe Birthday Scouting to commemorate You Watanabe’s birthday!

Available: Apr. 17, 2023 to Apr. 19, 2023 JST
Limit: Once per person. Ends at Step 5.

Each Scout 10 guarantees you at least one version of the birthday girl!
You’ll be able to gain bonus items with each step, and a guaranteed UR school idol on Step 5!

We hope you continue to enjoy Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars!

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