Nijigasaki Bond Episodes Added



Thank you for playing Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars!

The newest Bond Episodes for the Nijigasaki members will be added on Jan. 30, 2023 15:00 JST!

The following Bond Episodes will be added.

Ayumu Uehara “”X Marks the Spot””
Kasumi Nakasu “”Striving for Beauty Every Day!””
Shizuku Osaka “”Play Preparations with a Twist””
Karin Asaka “”Across the Seas!””
Ai Miyashita “”Laughing Away Your Fears””
Kanata Konoe “”Harder than It Seems””
Setsuna Yuki “”Finding a Third Setsuna””
Emma Verde “”Linking Hearts Together””
Rina Tennoji “”I Want to Help!””
Shioriko Mifune “”On the Hunt for Fun!””
Mia Taylor “”Expectations through the Roof!””
Lanzhu Zhong “”An Expert in Animals?!””

Unlock them and check them out if you’re curious!