Announcing the latest All Stars news announced at“Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club UNIT LIVE & FAN MEETING vol.3 A・ZU・NA 〜The Night Before〜”!


◆Previous limited-time unit songs will become available again!

“Kakushiaji!”, “Happy Nyan! Days”, and “Maze Town” by A・ZU・NA will be available again!

These 3 songs are planned to be available again from 10/25 (Mon.) 15:00 JST!

These songs express A・ZU・NA and their transformations, so be sure to enjoy them!


◆Dream Land!Dream World! 3D Song Available!

“Dream Land!Dream World!” from  A・ZU・NA will become available as a 3D song!

This 3D song is planned to become available next month!

Now’s the time to prepare various costumes to enjoy the MV when it’s out! 🎶


◆T-Shirt costumes with the same design from the event on sale!

“A・ZU・NA 〜The Night Before〜Memorial Set” available post-event!

Get Star Gems x160 in addition to a “A・ZU・NA 〜The Night Before〜T-Shirt Exchange Ticket”x1!

This set will be on sale until 11/1(Mon.) 14:59 JST!

Enjoy playing live shows with your favorite A・ZU・NA members in their T-Shirt costumes!

Enjoy a special after-party for you and the A・ZU・NA members✨

We hope you continue to enjoy All Stars!