Flowers for Valentine’s



There are 4 events for the Flower for Valentines, don’t miss the chance to collect them all!

1) Flowers for Valentine’s Scouting
Available: 2022/02/04 15:00 to 2022/02/14 15:00 JST

This Scouting contains the following new and featured school idols!
UR Yoshiko Tsushima [Th-The Chocolate!]
UR Maki Nishikino [C’mon! Stop Teasing Me!]
SR Nico Yazawa [I’m Going to Make One Hundred!]

Idolized form:

2) Exchange Event: Flowers for Valentine’s
Available: 2022/02/07 15:00 to 2022/02/14 15:00 JST
Event Item Exchange Period: 2022/02/07 15:00 to 2022/02/22 14:59 JST

Event Rewards
You can gain ranking rewards based on the amount of event points you’ve gathered. Try gathering plenty of event points and aiming for a higher rank.

Collect lots of event items and exchange them for rewards!
UR Kanata Konoe [I Made Rose-Shaped Chocolate!]
SR Mari Ohara [Perfectly Shiny!]
SR Emma Verde [I Think This Rose Is Perfect]

Idolized form:

3) Flowers for Valentine’s Step-Up Scouting
Available: 2022/02/04 15:00 to 2022/02/14 15:00 JST
Limits: One time per person. Ends at Step 6.

This Scouting includes the same school idols as those available from the simultaneous event Scouting, as well as spotlights newly-added school idols.
New UR school idols’ appearance rates increase with each Step. Their appearance rates at Step 6 are 2x higher than in the standard event Scouting.

4) Flowers for Valentine’s Event Set on Sale!
Sales Period: 2022/02/04 15:00 to 2022/02/14 14:59 JST
Purchase Limit: Once

A set to celebrate the event will be available in the Shop!

Set Details:
– Star Gem (Paid) x300
– Bonus: Memento Piece Exchange Ticket x2
– Bonus: Skip Ticket x50

Last but not least, we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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