Scout in the All Star Festival!



Available: 2022/01/30 15:00 to 2022/02/14 14:59 JST
Thank you for playing Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars!

We are pleased to announce the start of the All Star Festival! The lineup includes school idols who can only be obtained during All Star Festivals.

The lineup this time includes 2 new UR members and 2 new SR members for a total of 4 newly added school idols!

– Newly added Festival-limited school idols:
UR Mia Taylor [No One Can Manage That Out of the Blue]
UR Kanan Matsuura [I’ll Try to Sound Relaxed When I Sing]

– Newly added school idols:
SR Rin Hoshizora [Look, Look! It’s Snowing!]
SR Kasumi Nakasu [I’m… I’m So Happy…]

-Idolized form:

This Scouting cannot be accessed before the available period noted above has begun.
“Festival-limited school idols start with two open Insight Skill slots, and can unlock an additional two slots through Practice, for a total of four Insight Skill slots! Some of these school idols also have particularly powerful skills, so be sure to check out their details.

You can unlock new costumes for these members through Practice as well.

When you perform a Scout 10, you are guaranteed one SR or above school idol! You will gain Shiny Quartz  as a bonus when you perform Scout 1 or Scout 10.

Different Scoutings give differently-colored Shiny Quartz. Note that you will not receive Shiny Quartz from the once-per-day Scoutings that cost paid Star Gems.

School Idol Info
“1. The school idol stats on display are after max level has been achieved, with all Limit Increases applied and all Practice tiles unlocked.
2. The school idols that you can scout will be at Lv. 1, with no Limit Increases applied or Practice tiles unlocked, so their parameters will be different from the ones on display.
3. You can only gain pre-Idolized school idols from scouting.”
The school idols on display are only a few of the total ones available to be scouted. Please check the full list below.
Scout 1 Appearance Rates
Scout 10 Appearance Rates

– It is possible to draw duplicate school idols from scouting.
– The daily paid Star Gem scouting resets every day at 12:00 am JST.
– Featured school idols have greater appearance rates than others of the same rarity.
– You can trade Shiny Quartz at the Item Exchange for a variety of items. Watch out, however — they will change into “”Shiny Pieces”” if their exchange period passes.
– Festival-limited school idols featured this time will appear in future All Star Festivals. They may also appear in other Festival-type Scoutings in the future.
– This is the initial release of the new SR school idols. They may appear again in later events or Scoutings.
– Announced content may change without warning.

We hope you continue to enjoy Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars!

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