Eli Ayase

CVYoshino Nanjo

The student council president with a strong sense of responsibility who is adored schoolwide.
She didn’t approve of μ’s at first, but after realizing what she truly wanted, she joined the group.

  • School Year3rd Year
  • Birthday10/21 (Libra)
  • Blood TypeB
  • Height162cm
  • BWHB88・W60・H84


I’m Eli Ayase, a 3rd year student at Otonokizaka High School.
I’m a quarter Russian, and used to be called something as silly as “the cute and clever Elichika.”
It’s quite a challenge being both the student council president and a school idol in μ’s, but it’s also rather fulfilling.
Nozomi, the student council vice president, is a big help too, isn’t that right?
Hey there, could you please listen without laughing?
I think school idols might really have the power to move people through their performances.
After all, I’ve felt and learned so much being a part of μ’s.
I’d be really happy if I could express those feelings to all of the new school idols I meet.
Since we’re really working hard, I want to enjoy our daily practices and have something to show for it.
So…it’d be great to have everyone cheering me on♪