Chika Takami

CVAnju Inami

Aqours cheerful and positive leader and lyricist.
She leads everyone forward with her desire to shine together. Loves mikan oranges!

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday8/1 (Leo)
  • Blood TypeB
  • Height157cm
  • BWHB82・W59・H83


I’m Chika Takami, 2nd year student at Uranohoshi Girls’ High School! I’m a school idol in a group called Aqours!
Seems like a bunch of school idols are gonna get together and something amazing’s gonna happen!
And it looks like Aqours will be a part of the fun!
Ehehe, that makes me super happy!♪ I wonder if that means Aqours has gotten a little famous? Yeah! That’s got to be it!
What kind of people are gonna come together? I bet they’re all super bright and sparkly…
Hehe, maybe they’ll be so bright I won’t be able to open my eyes!
I decided to be a school idol after seeing μ’s and wanting to shine like them.
There are lots of tough things to it, like writing songs and learning dance moves, but all of that just melts away once I step on stage!
Ehehe, maybe that’s a little simple of me? But that’s really how it is. I think you can make everyone shine by doing your best…so actually it feels like power wells up inside me!
I don’t know how far we…how far Aqours can reach.
But that’s precisely why the excitement never ends!
I’ll move forward to the best of my ability! So please keep cheering me on!