Honoka Kosaka

CVEmi Nitta

The founder of and engine that drives μ’s forward. As the leader of μ’s, even if things look grim, she overcomes such times with remarkable positivity.

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday8/3 (Leo)
  • Blood TypeO
  • Height157cm
  • BWHB78・W58・H82


Hey everyone!! I’m Honoka Kosaka, 2nd year student at Otonokizaka High School!♪
Ever since the moment I laid eyes on school idols, they’re all I can think about!
I looove school idols, and I looove μ’s!
I’ve come all this way with those in mind!
Even to this day, my love for them only grows stronger!
I want our voices to reach out to everyone everywhere!♪♪
I heard I’d be able to meet other school idols, so I’m super-duper excited!
On top of that… I hear “I love school idols too”…
…I feel like I can hear that phrase coming from everyone. Is that weird??
Our story begins here.
Facing a brand new dream… Let’s do it!