Ayumu Uehara

CVAguri Onishi

A hard worker who diligently works towards her goals, one step at a time.
She decided to become a school idol because of you, her childhood friend.
She loves everything about you.

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday3/1 (Pisces)
  • Blood TypeA
  • Height159cm
  • BWHB82・W58・H84


Hello everyone, pleased to meet you. I’m Ayumu Uehara.
Um, since this is the first time I’ve delivered a message like this, I’m so nervous my heart is racing.
But, becoming a school idol is a dream I discovered with a special friend and want to realize together, so I’ll face that dream and advance toward it one step at a time!
My singing and dancing is still lacking, and my looks are…probably normal?
But, um, I’m at least good at working hard, so please cheer me on!
I look forward to your support!