Kasumi Nakasu

CVMayu Sagara

Loves cutes things and is unrivaled in her love for school idols.
She has a mischievous personality and often tries pranking the other members, but it never seems to go well.

  • School Year1st Year
  • Birthday1/23 (Aquarius)
  • Blood TypeB
  • Height155cm
  • BWHB76・W55・H79


Heelloo! It’s everyone’s idol Kasumin!
I practice my singing and dancing every day to become Japan’s top school idol!
Of course, I’m also working on secret training to make myself even cuter!
Aside from that, I’ve got things prepared like sending blackmail to rivals and secretly stuffing bread rolls into their shoes–w-wait! That was supposed to be secret!
*Cough* A-Anyway, everyone, make sure to cheer me on, ok?