Riko Sakurauchi

CVRikako Aida

A kind and gentle girl who moved to Uchiura during her 2nd year in high school.
Skilled at the piano, she is Aqours’ composer. She has a secret hobby she is hiding from everyone.

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday9/19 (Virgo)
  • Blood TypeA
  • Height160cm
  • BWHB80・W58・H82


My name is Riko Sakurauchi, it’s nice to meet you. I’m a 2nd year student at Uranohoshi Girls’ High School.
I used to go to school in Tokyo, but then I transferred and almost immediately became a school idol. It’s still a bit of a shock…
I mean, it’s not like I’m very cute, and as for skills, all I can do is sort of play piano…I was worried as to whether I’d be of any use.
However, after being a member of Aqours, I’ve come to think that it’s truly where I belong.
I may not be much, but supporting Aqours, being a part of Aqours, has made me so happy.
Ah, ahaha…maybe I was a bit too frank…I feel a little embarrassed…
Um…I’m actually really nervous about this new challenge as a school idol.
I think starting something is about change. Becoming something different from what you were before.
Since you don’t know whether you’ll improve or get worse, it’s a little scary, but also exciting…
I want everyone to see how we change and grow. I know it.