Ruby Kurosawa

CVAi Furihata

Little sister of Aqours’ Dia Kurosawa.
Though shy and timid, she’s looked up to idols from a young age and joined Aqours after encouragement from Hanamaru.
Works on Aqours’ costumes.

  • School Year1st Year
  • Birthday9/21 (Virgo)
  • Blood TypeA
  • Height154cm
  • BWHB76・W56・H79


N-Nice to meet you! I’m Ruby Kurosawa. I attend Uranohoshi Girls’ High School as a 1st year student.
I like french fries and sweet potatoes, and picking out clothes…
And, um, ummm…
And I love school idols!
Although I guess I am one now myself…
Listening to lots of different groups’ songs, buying merch, pretending to perform a live show with a mic made of rolled up magazines… Even though it was just playing around, it felt like I had become a school idol and it was so fun.
And then, actually becoming the kind of school idol I looked up to… Even now, it sometimes feels unreal.
They said at this next stage, school idols other than Aqours will come!
I might be able to perform with all kinds of people…
Eeek! I’m getting nervous just imagining it!
…But it’s kinda strange. I’m nervous, but not scared.
I think that’s definitely because…I won’t be alone.
Hanamaru and my sister, all of Aqours will be together.
Even in the midst of so many school idols, I won’t lose sight of myself.
We’ll do our best on this new stage, too! Please don’t forget to support us!