Setsuna Yuki

CVTomori Kusunoki

An up-and-coming school idol who’s been drawing the attention of other schools.
There’s something of an urban legend that she’s so busy with school idol activities that she’s never been seen at school.
She actually really likes anime and manga.

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday8/8 (Leo)
  • Blood TypeO
  • Height154cm
  • BWHB83・W56・H81


Is everyone feeling great? This is Setsuna Yuki!
I actually have a really big aspiration.
It’s kind of embarrassing, but I’ll muster up the courage to say it.
It’s to become a school idol who spreads what she loves throughout the world!
In today’s society, isn’t it sometimes hard to directly talk about what you like?
Sometimes it’s embarrassing or people make fun of it.
However, in the world of school idols, both the idols themselves and those who cheer them on can love school idols and can be upfront in saying so.
It’s a dazzling, fun-filled world full of kindness.
Just look, this place is overflowing with love.
I want to share this world in which anyone can express their love!
It may seem like it will always be just a dream, but I believe it can become a reality with all of us together.
Let’s make a world filled with love together! I’ll be counting on you!