Dia Kurosawa

CVArisa Komiya

From a distinguished family, she is skilled at arts such as kimono dressing and the koto. Prideful and perfectionistic in her ways, she can’t abide it when things are done sloppily or incorrectly.
She is the president of the student council at Uranohoshi Girls’ High School. Loves her little sister Ruby dearly.

  • School Year3rd Year
  • Birthday1/1 (Capricorn)
  • Blood TypeA
  • Height162cm
  • BWHB80・W57・H80


Pleased to meet you. I am Dia Kurosawa.
Aside from serving as the student council president of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School, I am a school idol in the group Aqours.
Keeping up with both schoolwork and school idol activities is certainly not a simple matter, but it is quite fulfilling.
Reigning in such freewheeling members does require a great deal of effort…
However, school idols carry the school’s name on their backs.
Our shoulders carry the full weight of Uranohoshi High School. It is nothing to be taken lightly.
That is precisely why half-heartedness will not be tolerated. We must always strive for perfection and progress.
It may sound strict, but those are my firm beliefs.
Now that we are facing a new stage as school idols, that resolve has grown all the stronger.
To me, Aqours is…a group I am dearly attached to.
A once foregone dream changed form and reappeared right before my eyes…
We will not stop! We will not waste this chance that has been bestowed upon us once more.
I pray that everyone will see that too.
All the way as we climb to the top.