You Watanabe

CVShuka Saito

Invited by her childhood friend Chika, she joined Aqours while staying in the swimming club. She’s tomboyish and skilled at sports.
She loves uniforms and is Aqours’ head costume designer.

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday4/17 (Aries)
  • Blood TypeAB
  • Height157cm
  • BWHB82・W57・H81


Aye aye! Full speed ahead!! Hey there, this is You Watanabe!♪ Whoops, maybe I surprised you with the sudden loud voice. Sorry about that.
Ah, “aye aye” is sailing lingo. I really like ships, so it kinda comes out whenever I get excited~.
Yeah! I heard a new stage was about to begin, and I’ve been super excited since morning~!
I couldn’t contain it, and before I knew it I dove into the sea!☆
Ehehe, it felt great!♪
Being invited by Chika and becoming a school idol, learning songs and dances, it all felt like an unknown world, but after starting, it was just so fun…
Hehe, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can make our costumes!
Pulling off lots of live shows, delivering our music to so many people, and now from here…
I think we are gonna continue to grow even more.
Aqours is gonna level up on this new stage, too.
To that end, it’d be swell if you cheered us on!♪