Yoshiko Tsushima

CVAika Kobayashi

Refers to herself as “Yohane, the fallen angel.” Likes the “little devil” look and hates being called by her real name.
She aims to increase the number of little demons nationwide through her livestream.

  • School Year1st Year
  • Birthday7/13 (Cancer)
  • Blood TypeO
  • Height156cm
  • BWHB79・W58・H80


Tis I, Yohane. A fallen angel brimming with sin, cast out of heaven to the level of demons… Hey, stop laughing!
Those who dare mock Yohane shall have a terrible curse cast upon them!!
No matter how you look at it, I’m just a high school girl? Humph!
It’s not like I would show my true form to a mere mortal so easily, right?
This is but a temporary vessel. If you were to lay eyes upon my true form, your heart would instantly fall into my grasp.
By the way, Yoshiko Tsushima is simply a name that had to be attached to this body.
Don’t call me that outside of public places. Understood?
I started being a school idol to grow the number of little demons, but it’s actually been pretty fun.
Working with others, creating songs, practicing.
I hadn’t really experienced working hard with others like this before.
It looks like our next stage will be shared with other school idols.
Even the great Yohane can’t imagine what could be in store.
But I suppose it’s not half bad to face that destiny along with my friends in Aqours.
Until we subjugate all the souls of this world, be there at my side, watching me!♪