Hanamaru Kunikida

CVKanako Takatsuki

An unathletic, but kind and calm girl who has a deep fondness for Japanese literature. Her family runs a temple and she is often in awe of modern technology.
Yoshiko calls her “Zuramaru” due to the word she often utters in her dialect.

  • School Year1st Year
  • Birthday3/4 (Pisces)
  • Blood TypeO
  • Height152cm
  • BWHB83・W57・H83


I’m Hanamaru Kunikida. It’s a pleasure to meet you, zura.
I’m working hard as a school idol in the group Aqours.
At first, I didn’t even really know what a school idol was…
So I had Ruby show me some magazines to study up.
The more I learned, the further out of reach it seemed…
But everyone in Aqours is so nice, it makes me feel like I can really do my best!
At this next stage, it looks like school idols other than us will be there, but I wonder what kind of people they are? I wonder if there’ll be any bibliophiles?
People who have lived in a world unknown to me…
I’m a little nervous, but after doing some talking, I’d be really happy to make new friends, zura!♪
I think that my horizons will broaden by meeting so many new people.
That will definitely…become a boost to the Aqours of the future.
Please watch over us in our broadening world.