Lanzhu Zhong

CVAkina Houmoto

Nijigasaki 2nd Year who transferred from Hong Kong.
Quite the spoiled young lady type, she perfectly completes every task.
She wants to get along with others, but has a hard time doing so.
Loves the Club members. Also a huge fan of meat.

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday2/15 (Aquarius)
  • Blood TypeB
  • Height165cm
  • BWHB87・W55・H82


Nihao! I’m Lanzhu Zhong!
I was always told things like, “Wow, Lanzhu, you’re completely out of our league, out of this world”, “You’re so amazing, you can do anything, huh.”
But I wasn’t really amazing at all.
That’s why, when I came across something truly spectacular, I was filled with awe.
The unforgettable School Idol Festival! The extraordinary school idols of Nijigasaki!
So I knew I had to head here from Hong Kong immediately. I had to become a school idol with them!!
The Nijigasaki school idols taught me so much I never knew and they gave me the world of my dreams!
In return, I want to provide a dreamlike world for them.
I’m not certain I can do well, but I want to have fun with everyone!
Be sure to come and hang out with me!!