Mia Taylor

CVShu Uchida

Despite being only 14 years old, she had skipped grades and advanced to university. She started as a 3rd year upon transferring to Nijigasaki. Coming from a family of world-renowned musicians, she once aimed to become a singer.
Now, she’s a top composer who has a bit of a cheeky temperment. Has strong opinions when it comes to hamburgers and baseball.

  • School Year3rd Year
  • Birthday12/6 (Sagittarius)
  • Blood TypeAB
  • Height156cm
  • BWHB80・W55・H80


Hi. I’m Mia Taylor.
I’m sort of known for being a composer, perhaps you’ve heard of me? Or, I guess that’s not important right now.
I never really had a big interest in school idols, so I thought it was a real pain when Lanzhu dragged me to Japan.
But when I came here and met the school idols, I was able to once again face what I wanted to do.
A dream I gave up on as a child. One of singing.
It’s not that I hate composing. After all, I think I’ve got a knack for it. However, I’ve always wanted to sing.
I wanted to express my feelings, my worldview, my emotions, through songs I loved.
But I just didn’t have the confidence. To be honest, that’s still somewhat true.
However, thanks to Rina, Little Baby, and everyone here teaching me I can succeed doing what I love, I can scrounge up the courage to sing.
I’ll work hard so that my songs can reach everyone from the tiny stage, so I’d be happy if you watched over me as I pave my way as a school idol.