Shioriko Mifune

CVMoeka Koizumi

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s newest member.
Despite being a 1st year, she is the Student Council President at Nijigasaki High School.
Has a fondness for traditional Japanese dance and is skilled enough with the tea ceremony and flower arrangement to be an instructor.

  • School Year1st Year
  • BirthdayOctober 5th (Libra)
  • Blood TypeAB
  • Height160cm
  • BWHB79・W56・H78


Hello, everyone. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance. I am Shioriko Mifune.
I used to not have a very good impression of school idols.
However, the School Idol Club was able to transform that impression into… Hm? I’m too stiff? This isn’t a speech…?
I suppose that’s right. This isn’t the time for such things.
I, well… I’m not the most adept at communicating my feelings.
I’ve even been told I’m not very accomodating. But nonetheless, I want to get it across – my hope for you to be truly happy!
I’ve only just begun being a school idol and thus am inexperienced… But I learn from the members of the School Idol Club and make new discoveries daily.
I’m learning and growing.
So please, listen to my songs. Let me get my message across.
And then, to attain true happiness, won’t you transform alongside me?
I will put forth my utmost best effort, so please be there to support me!