Nico Yazawa

CVSora Tokui

Founder and president of the Idol Research Club at Otonokizaka High School.
The most particular when it comes to school idols, she values her time in μ’s very highly.
Refers to herself as “Nico-Ni.”

  • School Year3rd Year
  • Birthday7/22 (Cancer)
  • Blood TypeA
  • Height154cm
  • BWHB74・W57・H79


Nico-Nico-Ni!♥ Nico-Nico-Ni all the way to your heart!♥
Everyone in the audience, your love-Nico is here! …Huh? What’s with that lame reaction!
Don’t tell me you don’t know about Nico-Ni, the No.1 idol in the galaxy?
You don’t know about the ultimate school idol group, μ’s!?
It’s unthinkable that you’ve lived up to this point without knowing about my overflowing cuteness…
But don’t you worry. I’ve got a magical ace up my sleeve.
And that is… Ta-da!♥ Love magic that will make you think of no one but Nico-Ni!♥
Hee hee. Now that’s a nice smile!
School idols have that kind of power, you know?♪
Make sure you always give me plenty of support! I’ll make sure you won’t regret it-Nico!♥