Hanayo Koizumi

CVYurika Kubo

A girl who struggles to stand out in class due to her meek personality. However, she is more passionate about school idols than anyone else and secretly longs to be one.
After a push from Rin and Maki, she joins μ’s with them. Loves white rice.

  • School Year1st Year
  • Birthday1/17 (Capricorn)
  • Blood TypeB
  • Height156cm
  • BWHB82・W60・H83


This is Otonokizaka High School 1st year student, Hanayo Koizumi.
School idols were something I longed to be, but were so far out of reach.
So it still amazes me that I’m here today as one.
But actually, ever since entering μ’s, every day has been such a joy.
I’m reflecting on the happiness of having become a school idol.
μ’s is full of such cute and hard-working members.
Even so, if you could support me just a little…I’d be so happy!
And also, I’ve heard I’ll get to meet even more school idols!
I-I’m just so excited I don’t know what to do!
I’m a little bit unsure about how I can contribute…but I’ll do my absolute best!