Nozomi Tojo

CVAina Kusuda

A fortune telling girl with a motherly heart. She has a unique manner of speaking due to her relaxed-sounding Kansai dialect.
Supports the members of μ’s from the shadows such as with her tarot card readings. Instrumental to the formation of μ’s.

  • School Year3rd Year
  • Birthday6/9 (Gemini)
  • Blood TypeO
  • Height159cm
  • BWHB90・W60・H82


I’m Nozomi Tojo, 3rd year at Otonokizaka High.
I’m a school idol in a group called μ’s!♪
μ’s is a suuuper cute, sparkling treasure we made with everyone!♥
On top of that, I work alongside Eli-chi in the student council.
It might look like just some boring old tasks,
but it’s important so that all the students can enjoy their time at school!♪
Oh…! It looks like my fortune-telling is showing a new future.
A whole lot of cute-looking school idols are working really hard together!♪
Hehe, I’ve got to cheer on those hard working girls!
Looks like the days ahead are going to be filled with happiness, too, right?
I’d be so happy if you were there to support us.♥