Maki Nishikino


The daughter of parents who run a large, successful hospital. An outstanding musician who avoided school idol songs at first, but had a change of heart after joining μ’s.
μ’s’ composer.

  • School Year1st Year
  • Birthday4/19 (Aries)
  • Blood TypeAB
  • Height161cm
  • BWHB78・W56・H83


I’m Maki Nishikino.
Not enough? I’m not good with self-introductions…
I like music, so I became a school idol.
But…I never imagined I’d make friends so important to me.
A light of warmth radiating throughout me… That’s μ’s.
I’ve heard I can meet other school idols, too.
…I guess the beginning of a new story isn’t half bad. I’ll get a new challenge and hear a new sound, after all.
Hehe. If I do something, I’ve got to show my best, don’t I?♪
So make sure to keep your eyes on me, ok?
I’ll always show you my greatest performance.♥