Rin Hoshizora

CVRiho Iida

Quite athletic and optimistic, she would rather take action and keep moving instead of sit and think.
Something caused her to lose her confidence as a school idol, but with the encouragement of the other members, she’s learned to move forward.

  • School Year1st Year
  • Birthday11/1 (Scorpio)
  • Blood TypeA
  • Height155cm
  • BWHB75・W59・H80


MeowMeowMeeoow!♪ I’m the energetic Rin Hoshizora!
I’m a school idol along with my friends, the other members of μ’s!
I’m not really a cute idol like the others…
But on the other hand, I’m real great at sports!
I’m gonna get everyone pumped with my singing and dancing on stage!♪
And they said that this time I’ll get to meet other school idols!
I wonder what’s gonna happen? It gets me so excited!!
Ehehe…if you’re together with me, every day’s super fun!♪
Keep watching me forever and ever!♥