Umi Sonoda

CVSuzuko Mimori

She was brought up in the household of a traditional Japanese dance school headmaster, which has helped her to become a graceful girl with a refined air. She has practiced archery since childhood and has flawless etiquette.
While she’s serious and diligent about everything, she sometimes ends up just spinning her wheels. μ’s’ lyricist.

  • School Year2nd Year
  • Birthday3/15 (Pisces)
  • Blood TypeA
  • Height159cm
  • BWHB76・W58・H80


I am Umi Sonoda, 2nd year student at Otonokizaka High School.
I became a school idol after being swept up in another one of Honoka’s whims.
But now, I actually really appreciate what she did.
Meeting everyone in μ’s, learning the joy of performing on stage…
Honoka brings us to a whole new world.
I want to continue devoting myself to being a model school idol and training to reach even further heights.
To that end, I suppose I will need to enhance our training regimen!
Onwards to a brand new school idol stage…
I, Umi Sonoda, will continue striving to improve. I look forward to your continued support!